A rainy weekend

It’s been a little damp round these parts over the last few days, but honestly I truly love it when it rains; the sounds, the colours, the smells, the puddles and, yes, even the mud! I happily sploshed my way down to my studio this morning to finish off my awning curtains… 

In contrast to my previous post…the one with the immaculate sewing studio all nicely laid out…well I’ve been somewhat caught up in a frenzy of making in preparation for our mini tour of Scotland in the caravan, and now it looks somewhat like my children have been playing in there! The great thing now is that I can just shut the door on it and pick up where I left off whenever I get spare time, as opposed to having to tidy it all away every mealtime as I was doing at home …and by tidy up what I actually mean is making everyone eat on the floor or balance plates on knees whilst hissing “stay away from my fabric,” to any sticky fingered child caught hovering near my make do sewing area.

So with new found sewing freedom I started a freehand machine embroidery cushion…the obligatory ‘caravan’ cushion (still a work in progress). A striped cushion, then curtains for the awning… 



I’ve spent a fair amount of time crawling about on the floor cutting the panels of fabric out, fingers crossed the curtains fit! Will find out when we next put the awning up.

I had a pretty blissful Sunday, sewing all day and listening to birdsong while the children made dens and played on their swings… 


Next on the ‘to do’ list is bunting and more cushions! I’ll leave you with some lovely rain drop photos of the rhododendron and laburnum, I think the petals of the laburnum flowers look like duck bills, quack quack! Cheery bye! xx 



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