I’ve moved back to the studio…again!

Looking back through my blog posts I’ve just noticed I first moved into my studio way back in 2015! My plans back then weren’t set in stone…but then they never are! Another baby later and life handing me a couple of curve balls I find myself once again moving into the studio. This time it’s totally different, the direction I’m taking is something I’m so much  happier with, I’m floundering a lot less and I love making again…I’ve taken the pressure off myself somewhat by creating and designing things I like, and not so much marketing these ideas, by doing this my makes are so much more original and with the use of Instagram I’ve connected with many like minded artists and creators…and you know, if someone is interested in a piece they just ask. I’m not interested in a mad churn out of products any more, instead I’m taking a gentle slow approach to my work that fits in around my family and the resulting pieces reflect this more relaxed approach.

One of my interests is the reuse of materials…check out this upcycle project I worked on with my Dad (family time all the way!) 

A great little display cabinet for my print makes! 

Going along with the idea of recycling I started collecting used teabags over a couple of days…blimey we don’t half get through our brews here! I dyed some fabric remnants with the tea and started sewing! I had an idea in mind for this but after seeing it against the light it may take me in another direction…

It was so lovely to get back to basics with this today, it felt like I was back at college doing textiles…just the most relaxing approach to work by not knowing what you are going to make. Of course I had my number three beetling in and out of my studio/shed playing on his rope swings outside and digging in the field with his digger…perfect afternoon! 

I was going to carry on this post with an update on my paper cups but I think I’ll save that until I have a few more finished pieces. I’m juggling a few ideas and I’m sure at some point they will all join forces, I’m finding my feet and I’m finding my own style again.

It’s always busy as the end of term approaches and I can’t wait to take a rural break with my clan…I’m squeezing in a little road trip tomorrow to an art gallery with my lovely friend, can’t wait! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day? My number three made me a little treat complete with love bite 💕

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