More Inspiration Exploration…

Hope you had a lovely weekend? Wasn’t the weather just glorious today!? I took my number three and number four out for a picnic this afternoon and we settled for the old slitting mill and gorge for our spot. It’s looking a little neglected but I just love the way the plants and flowers seem to reclaiming what was once, very long ago, a busy little industry…

I really do think that there is such beauty in decay and I’m hoping that this inspiration is going to show through in some of my work.

I’m still working on my sampler pieces, incorporating freehand machine embroidery and vintage textiles onto the pieces. I have absolutely no set plan for these and it’s a very relaxing process just stitching and thinking and looking for things that can work on these pieces…

We sauntered by the charity shop on our little trip out today and I acquired a veritable haul of vintage goodies; maps, sheet music, buttons, threads…it occurred to me that the maps in particular would work really well with the samplers, and they are torn and battered so I feel like their time has come to be repurposed into something beautiful to be displayed and enjoyed…

And after all my weekend faffing, my studio now looks like this!

My lovely Dad is helping me to spruce up a retro fifties kitchen unit so hopefully all this mess can achieve some kind of order…maybe! Have a beautiful week xxx

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