The Nutter From Number 34….

I have a dilemma….there’s a house on my road for sale, I’ve taken great interest in this because it’s a similar size to mine so have been waiting with baited breath for it to appear on the internet to have a nosey. Another neighbour informed me this morning that it has finally been listed! I sat down this evening, aperitif in hand to indulge in a bit of nosing about….but oh my! The vintage wallpaper! Now here’s my dilemma….I use a lot of donated and found things in my art work, letting the materials lead my make…I’ve spotted various loveliness in this house, most notably some Holly Hobby wallpaper. Perhaps this holds extra nostalgia for me as I grew up with Holly Hobby curtains, and a matching lampshade might I add! So…when my future prospective neighbours move in, do I introduce myself, and ask, that when they most probably strip every surface going if I could possibly have some fairly in tact bits of paper (the dining room paper is also pretty lush) will I forever be known as the nutter from number 34, or do I keep schtum and maintain some sort of…normality?? Is that the right word here? What would you do? The house is currently empty so no chance of catching my previous neighbour out and about.

Anyhow, I thankfully have nothing more perplexing to think about currently…but I have lots of projects on the go, far too much to put in one blog post, so here is a little selection of works in progress to have a nosey at…more blog posts to come talking about rust dyeing, stitch, letting the materials guide you. Happy Monday peeps xxx 

9 thoughts on “The Nutter From Number 34….

  1. Def ask, I’d take something over of what you do and say in return you will make something of choice. Or even offer to come and help take it off – you have to show us this house now tho

  2. I’d definitely pop over at the first sign of the new neighbours, present myself and just say it like it is – “Hi, I’m Bramble and Goose, your neighbour in # 34. Welcome to the neighbourhood!” … “I’m also an artist and I use a lot of reclaimed materials in my art – so if you’re going to rip out the wallpapers, give me a shout out. It’s so hard to get true vintage wallpapers, and I know this house has some. I’d be happy to come and liberate them from the wall.” Then show them some photos of the work you do, and maybe even suggest you make something good for them as a thank you. If they decide to thin about you as the nutter, that’s their loss, I find it much more likely that they’d think of you as the fun, creative neighbour. And does it really matter what they think, anyway?

      • Well, you could have him run ahead, and then go collect him…
        And you could try EFT for the shyness. Nothing wrong with enjoying you own company, but if you feel you’re so shy I fences you in, then I’d say some tapping is in order! (Can you tell I love EFT? It’s been a life saver for me).

  3. Hi, I read about your interest in Holly Hobby and remembered in my stash of gift wrap paper I have two sheets of “Holly Hobby” which I would have bought in the 1980’s. I had a project in mind but never made it and have carried the paper around carefully since then. I’d love to send it to you. I have a photo to share.

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