With the start of school term comes the onslaught of everything else term time; birthday parties…we have four to attend over the next few weeks! Swimming lessons, music lessons, play dates and so on, to add to this message after message from school reminding me of things I need to remember for my two oldest; bikes, water bottles, headphones, snack money…the list seems endless and of course I have the two little ones to attend to also. Already craving some type of getaway I headed to the studio this afternoon for some head space…

The path and garden needs a little spruce up, a job for tomorrow, I’m a little camera shy so here is a foot selfie.

Of course it was only a quick visit as we had party number one to attend, but I had a quick tidy and managed to take some photos of things for my Etsy shop, the lovely moth prints…

Currently some of these are on display in Albuquerque as part of a crowd sourced art project called The Moth Migration Project, a truly phenomenal undertaking by Hilary Lorenz who has curated this exhibition.

I rather like the moths, I think this is one area of my work that will definitely be staying…I’m currently deciding where to concentrate my efforts and development. The moths being one, definitely the teacups and possibly the lampshades…what do you think?

Hope you’ve enjoyed splashing in puddles today, as I walked through the door this evening a most glorious rainbow appeared…hope you managed to catch some rainbows wherever you may be!


A x

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