Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud…

The mud has returned to our little farm, number three and four are having lots of welly boot fun today!

What I really intended to do this morning was to fill in all the carefully crafted holes in front of my shed studio that number three and a large black Labrador created, of course they wanted to help so off we set to gather some soil…

I confess that the task in hand was never completed as they realised mashing and scooping up mud was far more interesting than filling holes up…in fact, they just dug more holes to be honest!

We spotted this rogue pumpkin in the field..

We haven’t actually planted any this year, this has sprouted itself in the field from a stray seed…I love pumpkins, gourds and squashes and I must admit I’m a little gutted that we haven’t got a crop of them this year…everything had to be scaled back a little, but next year I’m determined to have a bumper crop!

I’m trying to form a little idea creating vegetables in three dimensional form…along the same methods as my cups (which by the way, I’m blown away with the amazing response I’m getting while they are being exhibited)…watch this space for new designs.

Next in line to be made is a tea pot, I’ve been trialling different designs and I think I’m ready to get going on a final piece…a tea cup must have a tea pot too don’t you think? However, I need to wait for Mr Postman to deliver some more materials…hurry up!

I’m back off outside again now for more mud and puddle fun!


A x

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