It’s all coming together…

Oh I do love having a sort out in my little shed studio! The weather is so lovely today it feels like having a spring clean.

As ever, my work is evolving as the year gallops along and I really feel I’m getting to a place I’m so comfortable with…concentrating on more contemporary craft like the paper, wax and fabric teacups and teapots. There are so many other projects in development here and I can’t wait to update when the designs are finalised. These pieces are very time consuming but the end results are beautiful, the teapot alone is crafted in seven sections before adding the fabric to create a piece evocative of the most delicate porcelain…

…and alongside these contemporary pieces I’m creating one of a kind paper art in the form of stars and snowflakes currently. These are made from carefully selected vintage papers…

These two are salvaged from damaged ledgers from the Liverpool Lyceum, I love how the age old handwriting can be seen in amongst the folds of the paper creating affordable art with a history.

So once again I’ve reorganised things and created a little shop area in my shed studio using old tins to display my wares…I’m pretty chuffed with how it’s looking…

My own little boutique shop, located on our family farm. Items can also be bought via my Instagram page and my Facebook page…just search Bramble and Goose or follow the links on my rudimentary website.

Blowing my own trumpet here, I’m very proud of all I’ve achieved this year and am looking forwards to the next 12 months…born out of a period of illness, stress and anxiety which gave me the impetuous to succeed I created my own business as a designer maker and it feels great!

Thanks for reading xxx

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